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    Thread: Complete List of Secret Code Blackberry

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      Pen Complete List of Secret Code Blackberry

      ALT + shift kanan +DEL
      If you are stuck in traffic / hang on your smartphone, you can use this control as an alternative to out of it.

      ALT + LG LG
      This code is used to display the event log. The screen will display the number of processes on the system.

      LO LO
      This code will display the date and time settings menu.

      * # 0 6 #
      This code will display the date and time settings menu.

      ALT + N M L L
      The code to change the display signal indicator on your blackberry.

      ALT + shiftt + H
      This code works bring help screen. Help screen appears with a lot of information on them: PIN, IMEI, OS version BB, Etc.

      This code will work when you are in the browser features, and serves to display the source code of the web page currently opened.

      The code is typed in the status display can be accessed via the Options menu> Status. When the code is entered, the screen will display a number of additional information about the amount of transaction data that has been carried out as well as the accumulated time that the phone had been used to carry voice answering incoming or out.

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      Re: Complete List of Secret Code Blackberry

      Hmmm khoob

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