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    Thread: Do You Know Why Jinns Hate Dates?

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      Do You Know Why Jinns Hate Dates?

      Do you know why the Jinns hate dates?

      And why is it recommended to eat 3.5.7 in the morning?
      And that it is better to eat 7?

      Recently, following an overdraft, food dates or dates generate a blue halo around the human body,
      He found that those that this blue spectral Nimbus form a protective shield and an impenetrable barrier for many invisible electromagnetic waves
      Against the Jinns and envy, the magic and the evil eye ... etc.

      The Jinns and the magics fail to penetrate this barrier generated by the energy that emanates from the dates,
      Particularly rich in phosphorus, electron elements
      Which eliminates the negative charges of the jinns, which provoke sensations of arousal and irritation in humans.
      It is known that the compounds of this element
      Spectral supports Blue phosphorus
      and prevents the penetration of the jinn by this spectral barrier

      Although they are able to penetrate all the spectra ...
      And in today's modern medicine it turned out that eating seven fast dates helps to kill all types of worms in the stomach ...

      The dates have several advantages:

      1-Reduce blood cholesterol and prevent atherosclerosis because it contains pectin.

      2-Prevent the cancer of the large intestine and the prevention of hemorrhoids and facilitate the stages of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum because it contains fibers and good digestion of fast sugars.

      3-to prevent tooth decay because it contains fluorine.

      4-preventing poisoning because it contains sodium and potassium and vitamin C.

      5-Treatment of anemia (Alonima) because it contains iron, copper and vitamin B-2.

      6-a remedy for rickets and osteomalacia, as it contains calcium and phosphorus, vitamin A.

      7-Treatment of anorexia and poor concentration because it contains potassium.

      8-a cure for weakness and heart palpitations as it contains magnesium and copper.

      9-a treatment for rheumatism and brain cancer, as it contains boron.

      10-Anti cancer because it contains selenium and it has been observed that the inhabitants of the oases do not know the cancer.

      11-The treatment of erectile dysfunction because it contains boron and a Vitamin A supplement.

      12-a cure for dry skin and dry cornea diseases and night blindness through vitamin A..

      13-Treatment of nervous gastro-gastroenterology, because it contains vitamin B-1.

      14-a remedy for hair loss and eye fatigue and inflammation of the mucous membranes, the oral cavity and inflammation of the lips contain vitamin B-2.

      15-a cure for skin infections to contain vitamin niacin.

      16-a cure for scurvy, a general weakening of the palpitations of the body and heart and the breathlessness and contraction of the blood vessels and the appearance of red spots on the skin and weakness of the bones and teeth, and in order to contain vitamin C or ascorbic acid 2,

      17-treatment of acidity in the stomach, because it contains chlorine and sodium and potassium.

      18-Treatment of the diseases of the gums and the capillary blood vessels poor and weak muscles and cartilage to contain vitamin C.

      Get the message across ...

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      Re: Do You Know Why Jinns Hate Dates?


      کہتے ہیں فرشتے کہ دل آویز ہے مومن
      حوروں کو شکایت ہے کم آمیز ہے مومن

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      Re: Do You Know Why Jinns Hate Dates?


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