Oxyopids are easily recognized by their high carapaces, distinctive eyes, numerous spines on their legs, and bright colors in some species. Some have cryptic coloration.

The carapace is longer than wide, high and angular or rounded with a wide, flattened clypeus. The abdomen is usually oval shaped and tapers to a point.

Oxyopids have eight eyes.

Identification Characters:

1. Tibia and meta-tarsus 1 & 2 without pro-lateral row of spines.
Sternum not wider than long, Posterior coxae not widely separated.
Posterior spinnerets present, not shorter than anterior.
Posterior spinnerets shorter and thick.
Anal Tubercle small, not fringed, ocular group not compact.
Tarsi of the usual type, Labium longer than wide, legs not very long.
7. With
8 Eyes.
Anterior row with 4 eyes.
Tarsi with 3 Claws without claw tufts.
10. The
6 spinnerets not in a transverse row, But of the usual arrangement.Tracheal spiracle in the usual place in front of the spinnerets.
Eyes group Hexagonal, the posterior row procurved, and anterior row recurved, with clypeus High . Abdomen pointed and legs with very conspicuous spines.