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    Thread: God humbles and humiliates the arrogant ones

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      new God humbles and humiliates the arrogant ones

      God humbles and humiliates the arrogant ones
      Almighty Allah says,:
      And do not walk arrogantly on earth. Certainly you cannot cleave the earth (with the force of your arrogance), nor can you reach the mountains in height.
      (You will remain what you are.) (Surah Bani Israel Chapter 17: Verse 37)

      Prophet(peace be upon him) said “God does nothing but increase the honor of such as overlook flaws and nobody humbles himself before God except that He elevates him.”
      {Muslim, Sahih (Kitab Al-Birr Wa Al-Silah wa Al-Adaab, chapter on ‘Forgiveness and Humility’), vol. 4, p. 2001, no (2588)}

      The Prophet(peace be upon him) said that ,”God elevates a person who is humble for the sake of God, but whoever tries to exalt himself, God debases him.”

      The principle we can derive is that , If one ignobly pursues an attribute, he or she will be adorned by its opposite. If one is humble before God, He will render him or her honorable.
      Conversely, God humbles and humiliates the haughty ones, those who arrogantly seek out rank and glory before the eyes of people. The Qur’an gives the examples of Pharaoh and
      Korah and their abject fall and disgrace. Proofs of this Divine law abound. There are many accounts, for example, of people who were once in positions of authority and wealth, who then
      find themselves paupers completely stripped of their former glory, reduced, in many instances, to wards of the state.

      When the Roman Emperor triumphed in a battle, he put on a victory celebration in which the general of the battle paraded through the street. Behind him on his chariot a slave would
      hold a victory laurel and whisper in the general’s ear, “All is vanity,”thus reminding the general of the perils of vanity. It is part of ancient wisdom to remind people that all
      accomplishments people praise and admire will perish until no one remembers them. Charles Lindbergh, the first pilot to successfully fly across the Atlantic, was celebrated as a great
      hero for his famous flight.Within ten years, however, he was vilified as a criminal by the American press who falsely claimed that he was a Nazi sympathizer.

      Vanity originates from Ignorance
      Vanity is the aggrandizing of some blessing while forgetting that it came from God. Vanity originates from one’s ignorance of two matters: God alone is the Fashioner and the Giver of
      Blessings and we human beings are incapable of accomplishing anything without God’s will and blessings. If one accomplishes something, let him or her remember God and be grateful,
      and not swagger with haughtiness. For if we do not humble ourselves, God will humble us. When men and women are blessed with exceptional outward beauty, they introduce ugliness
      when they have vanity for it.

      Dignity with God comes to those who are humble before Him; who place prime value on how they are received by their Maker and not by how they will be judged by the ephemeral
      norms of people. When the Prophet(peace be upon him) saw a reflection of himself—and he was a beautiful man—he would make the following supplication:
      “O God, as You have made my countenance most excellent, make my character most excellent.”

      Prophet(peace be upon him) chose poverty over wealth: he did not have money in his home, and he slept on the floor upon a bed made out of leather stuffed with palm fibers;
      he did not have jewelry; he had two pillows in his room for guests. The Messenger of God(peace be upon him), despite the elevation of his station and the loftiness of his position,
      was humble in the midst of his companions, close to them, teaching them that high status and loving regard can only be achieved in the hearts of mankind by means of humbling
      oneself before them, never by lording oneself over them.

      By way of Abu Mas’ud, who said, “The Messenger of God approached a man and spoke to him, whereupon the man began to tremble where he stood. So, He said to him,
      ‘Calm down, for I am no king. I am just the son of a woman who ate meat rendered into jerkey.’”
      ►{Ibn Majah, Sunan (Kitab Al-At’imah, chapter on ‘Jerked meat’), vol. 2, p. 1101, no (3312). Al-Hakim, Mustadrak (Kitab Al-Maghazi wa Al-Siyar), vol. 3, p. 50, no (4366),
      he declared it authentic}

      To be continued InshaAllah….

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      Re: God humbles and humiliates the arrogant ones


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