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    New 15-11, 15:44
    Assalam o Alaikum all
    New 14-11, 15:14
    Now you goog Fell
    New 14-11, 08:10
    no shahnawaz sb..not to be sorry.. keep smilling
    New 13-11, 15:38
    how fell Know
    New 13-11, 15:38
    Soryy really sorry
    New 13-11, 12:08
    shahnawaz sb...I was little ill
    New 13-11, 12:07
    aur chale bhi gaye
    New 13-11, 12:07
    lo ji.meherbaan aaye bhi
    New 13-11, 12:07
    walaikum salam
    New 13-11, 12:07
    assalam o alaikum
    New 12-11, 18:34
    Allah Hafiz
    New 12-11, 18:34
    Assalam o Alaikum
    New 12-11, 15:38
    fourm pr activity kio nhi hai koi post kion nhi hai sb sogai kia modreate bhi nhi hai Jelly bean ji kia masla hai
    New 12-11, 15:35
    Aslam Alkym sb keha hai koi post nhi koi Activity nhi hai sb khamossh hai kio
    New 09-11, 09:30
    New 08-11, 18:47
    aur unke darjaat buland farmaye aur tum sab ko sabar-e-jamil ata kare. aameen
    New 08-11, 18:46
    Allah pak unki maghfirat farmaye
    New 08-11, 18:46
    bohot afsos hua taimoor.
    New 08-11, 18:46
    Oh very sad. Innal Illah He wa innal illahe raajeoon
    New 08-11, 18:00
    Assalam o Alekum I cannot believe that this day would come when I would be sending a message for my aunt (Khala). It is too painful to accept her death اناللہ واناالیه راجعون . I request all my friends here to pray for here that; May Allah forgive her sins and grant her Jannah! (Aameen).
    New 08-11, 16:05
    walaikum salam Veedoo sir ji. Allah pak apko sehat aur tandurdust se nawaze. aameen.
    New 08-11, 09:52
    abi takk tabeeyt main kuch betteri nei ahi ,app sab mere leye dua karin jaldi teekh ho jawon,Allah app sab ko khair o afeeyt se rakhe ameen
    New 08-11, 09:51
    sorry tabeeyt teekh na hone ki waja se forum ko time nei dey paya hoon ,
    New 08-11, 09:50
    kese hain sab
    New 08-11, 09:49
    assalam o alaikum friends
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