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    Conversation Between Ubaid and BDunc

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    1. Salaam baba kia haal hein kese ho..kafi arsa nahi aya main..kia kuch huwa hai
    2. One more post n u can msg me
    3. Ok u can c on ur page..ur activity..ur messages like i m sending u..and ur info and friends list..also u can c quotes..mentions..and tags..in these sections u will find threads that I called u too..me or any one..u can c they mentioned u or called u to come there..this way u can post too
    4. Haha v good..but that is my profile..not all staff
    5. Hello Friends
    6. Great
    7. There is a help and suggestions link when u scroll down..there u may make a thread..or u may msg us
    8. Yes son hve u figured yet..need help?
    9. Salaam baba u were asking..plz feel free to msg me
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