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    Conversation Between BDunc and Aliza

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    1. Jane dein bhaiya nazar andaz kare is baat ko..atey rahe as par bhi
    2. Arey behnoo..tumhe aur kuch aur membran ko bulaya na idar ya udar
    3. Tempting members mtlb apne aisa Kya Kia... Aur complain kisne k n q
    4. Wsalaam haan behnoo..naz ko kisi ne complain kiya about my tempting members for forums..pihr jus yesterday or sumn she said old posts ko nahi karen and do ids no use..if i don't stop cmnting on old posts..she will ban one id..and forum warning bhi di..that she cud ban but she dint..so grudge se behtar I will leav
    5. Bhaiya whts the matter

      Admins ne Kya kaha apko
    6. U can tell whoever i knew there..that they can find me here
    7. Alizoo I hav left sd..bcoz very insulting from admin
    8. Kidr ho
    9. Welcome back
    10. Thk hai bhaiya cya soon
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