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    Conversation Between Moona and Aliza

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    1. Mjhe bhi to Maine ye trick azmaya n it's working
    2. Ab aap ki tip azamati hoon , mujhe yahan he problem ho raha hai others forum to bade smooth chal rahe hain
    3. N thank u for compliments siso
    4. Me thk hn ap sunaye kaisi hai ap
    5. Walekumassalam siso ap full page view na kare us se page loading me problem ho rahi n mobile bhi jald hi garm ho raha.. me mobile site se post kar rahi..
    6. Assalamu Alaikum
      Sis Kaisi hain , Nice selection and collection of poetry , Ashaar ko "collection of roman ashaar" main post kar liya karen mujhe to page loading problem aa raha hai
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