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    Conversation Between BDunc and CaLmInG MeLoDy

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    1. BArak Allah I will try my best
    2. there is no replacement of you sir ji.. aap aate rahain uncle..bas itna kafi hai.
    3. Salaam bitto I m sorry mein ziada nahi aa rah these days meine pihr se tuition center join kiye hein kum kum ho gaya hoon..if u can u can replace me
    4. Ws yes bitto I got it..won't move them
    5. Assalam o alaikum. Kese hain BDunc ji. Apko kehna tha k designer section ke pehle do pages se thread move na kia karain. Q k latest threads visitors dekhte hain. Baki third page kbthreads beshak move kar dia kaeain.
    6. Aik dilchasp interview ka hissa banniye
      its just a fun nothing serious so kindly voting karain
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